Online learning: notable quotes

Online learning: notable quotes

Here are some notable quotes about the world of online learning from the past several months.

On developing online courses

“You have to pay more attention to the navigation of the course, the clarity of the course, the objectives of the course, the reason why you’re assigning activities and assessments, [and make] certain everything is perfectly clear to the students. In a face-to-face situation, you can get by with just coming in and not having prepared and winging a class session. You can’t do that online.”
Janet Buckenmeyer, Purdue University at Calumet
SOURCE: “Learning From Online,” Inside Higher Ed, Dec. 7, 2009

On web links and learning

“Books give us the sense that knowledge is masterable. Links are a new type of punctuation that, instead of telling you where to stop, tell us to continue.”
David Weinberger, Berkman Center for Internet and Society
SOURCE: “Panel Discusses Online EducationHarvard Crimson, Nov. 19, 2009

On expanding educational access

“Clearly, the face-to-face model cannot be sustained in an era of diminished public support and demand for increased access. Nor can higher education increase degree production, as we need to do, by building capacity through tuition increases that make higher education unaffordable. We must build in new ways — we must reach out to adults to help them complete their college education while maintaining employment, and we must use redesigned online learning opportunities to connect with students.”
J. David Armstrong, Jr., president of Broward College
SOURCE: “Online learning opens doors wider for students in tough economy,” Orlando Sun Sentinel, Dec. 6, 2009

On translating face-to-face into online

“The central role for online learning is to leverage the richest instructional practices that educators have been using on the ground in order to prepare students with new digital literacies.”
Denise Herrenbruck, experienced online instructor
SOURCE: “A strategic vision for online learning,” The Oregonian, Dec. 4, 2009

On the growth of online education

“There are now clear signs of economic recovery in the US online education industry. We are seeing this recovery in the worldwide market as well. The US is a mature market, but still growing by 7.4%. The worldwide market is growing by 12.8%. The demand for distance learning in Asia is now growing at a breathtaking 32.8%.”
Sam S. Adkins, chief research officer, Ambient Insight, November 2009
SOURCE: “Ambient Insight Reports Strong US eLearning Market,” Ambient Insight