Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the MindEdge Learning Workshop.

A workshop can be many things. It can be a physical location—a small workplace—for making things like handcrafts or woodworking. It can be a meeting where ideas are exchanged, practical skills or methods are explored, innovations are tested, or insights are shared.
We see the MindEdge Learning Workshop as offering many of these features, with a focus on ideas, insights, and innovations in the world of learning.

MindEdge has spent the past decade developing content and courses that balance academic excellence with real world practice and that appeal to adult learners. To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of our solutions, we’ve focused on monitoring learner performance and on a continuous improvement process.
We think this Learning Workshop can help us meet our vision of “improving the way the world learns.”
We welcome your involvement and your contributions as we “workshop”—looking at ways to help adult learners improve their comprehension, to more effectively build skills and competencies, and to reach mastery of concepts, ideas, and knowledge. Some of the ongoing discussion will be about employing technology to accelerate learning, but we will put our primary focus on the process of teaching and learning—not on the tools alone.
About MindEdge
MindEdge, a learning company, provides leadership, management, communication and educational solutions to organizations to help them meet their objectives.

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