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MindEdge has developed an online simulation engine which allows learners to participate in a real-world "choose your own adventure" style of learning. The characters in the simulation are presented and developed just as in a real-world team setting. The learner faces complex situations, problems, and challenges, and must make critical decisions that impact the success of the project, business, or organization. To ensure that learners are grasping the key elements of the story, a fact-check quiz is required before each decision.

Throughout the simulation, an adaptive scoreboard grades the learner on several factors relevant to the subject matter or project. Mandating that the team stay late to work might have brought the project back on schedule, but has the quality-level of the work started to suffer because of that late-night shift?

Learners are given multi-layer constructive feedback at each decision point, which includes key points, questions to consider, and video commentary from industry experts who help the learner retain the key lessons of the decision point before advancing to the next issue.

Simulation content areas include nonprofit management, project management (construction and software projects), and sustainable management. Additional industries and subjects are also being developed. Please click here to request a demo or speak to a sales team member about your needs.