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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MindEdge different from other educational providers or publishers?

MindEdge's grounding in academia and business allows us to develop content and courses that balance academic excellence with real-world practice. Further, we are constantly looking to improve outcomes for learners. Our monitoring of learner performance, and our continuous improvement process, ensures the effectiveness and relevance of MindEdge's solutions.

Who develops and creates MindEdge's content?

MindEdge draws its content (courses, programs, books, test prep) from academic experts, business practitioners, authors, journalists, and others with an interest in workplace issues and solutions. We employ subject matter experts and course designers who have deep experience in teaching adults and understand how to communicate and educate both in face-to-face settings and online.

Are the programs primarily online?

MindEdge programs can be offered entirely online in a self-paced or asynchronous instructor-facilitated format. Alternatively, the programs can be used to augment and reinforce classroom or seminar-based face-to-face learning programs. This blended on-site and online option creates maximum learning outcomes, while limiting travel and lost productivity costs associated with fully on-site programs. Adding a distance education component to on-site programs is particularly useful for organizations where learners are geographically dispersed.

Can MindEdge content be customized to meet my organization's needs?

Yes! MindEdge's learning solutions can be customized in terms of length of program, amount of material covered, and participant time commitment. We can develop case studies, presentations, learning exercises, etc. which are specific to a given company or industry setting. Any modifications are strictly confidential and are made only available to the partner organization.

Can MindEdge develop online custom courses based on our face-to-face training or content?

Our development team can assist in creating programs or courses using a partner organization's own content. We have helped several organizations develop online versions of popular classroom-based training and seminars. MindEdge has the experience and the technology to quickly and efficiently turn your content into an online course or program. Please contact us for more details.

Can MindEdge programs be used on our existing learning management systems?

MindEdge can migrate content to most learning management platforms. In addition, MindEdge makes its own proprietary course management system (CMS) available at no additional cost to partner organizations. A multi-featured CMS, designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, it offers embedded discussion boards, online chat, quiz and test functionality, and a comprehensive dashboard showing learner activity.

What is the up-front investment needed to get started?

Programs are structured with a modest annual license fee and a per-seat or revenue share arrangement as programs roll out. MindEdge programs are extremely affordable compared to fully on-site programs. MindEdge can also provide instructor-facilitators for an additional fee.

Who teaches MindEdge programs?

Partners can decide whether they wish to offer instructor-led or self-paced learning, and whether they wish to provide instructors or if they would like an instructor provided by MindEdge. MindEdge can provide a qualified instructor-facilitator (an academic or industry expert) for either face-to-face classroom, blended, or online experiences.