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Corporations and Professional Development

MindEdge offers educational solutions for professional development in corporations and organizations. Among popular programs are MindEdge's online project management, management, communication, and business skill courses designed to improve job performance.

More information about The Leader's Edge and The Manager's Edge

MindEdge's Manager's Edge and Leader's Edge programs are bite-sized elearning scenarios designed to help managers develop a managerial mindset. Your company can choose from 35 core scenarios and schedule learning in 20-minute segments. Click on the inset icon to the right to download The Manager's Edge and The Leader's Edge brochures.

MindEdge's engaging courses, simulations, and bite-sized segments draw from the best business school faculty and real-world practitioners to offer a unique blend of theory and real-world application. The use of video and interactivity provides adult learners with a blend of approaches from which to draw the key lessons and techniques of the content.

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Whether self-directed, instructor-led, or blended (face-to-face training with an online component), MindEdge programs help you achieve results. MindEdge will customize and shape its modular programs to fit your company and its specific needs.

Solutions for:

  • Leadership development

    MindEdge's leadership development program considers the key issues surrounding leadership. What is leadership? Why is it important? What is required to lead? What is visionary leadership? What is the role of charisma in leadership? Based on Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills' book, Leadership: How to Lead, How to Live the program discusses the actual work of leadership and the specific qualities required to translate that leadership into action and results.

  • Financial literacy

    MindEdge's finance for non-financial managers program can ensure all members of your management team share basic financial skills. This program presents the fundamental concepts used in finance, emphasizing basic real-world financial literacy and the tasks associated with making responsible financial management decisions.

  • Business communications

    The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is increasingly important in organizational settings. This MindEdge program aims to help learners organize their thinking and find ways to plan, develop, communicate, and negotiate effectively.

  • New manager development

    The move from individual contributor to manager is a crucial one—not only for the employee but also for the organization. MindEdge's new manager development program looks at the role of a new manager and ways to be more effective; what managerial styles work best; and how managers can empower and motivate those they direct.

  • Cross-functional knowledge

    Many organizations seek to align managers at all levels in their understanding of how the complete enterprise operates. MindEdge can offer tailored solutions, or individual courses, to fill the knowledge gaps for managers. Participants develop an integrated knowledge of general management principles and specific functions and how they are applied. The focus is on the appropriate concepts, tools, and techniques employed in a variety of management situations.

  • Project management

    Effective project management skills are key to the success of any organization today, yet these skills are rarely taught effectively. The MindEdge online project management program builds successful project managers at all levels of the organization. Participants successfully completing this program are prepared for the Project Management Institute's PMP® certification exam. (MindEdge is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider).