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Bite-size eLearning

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If your employees are finding it hard to make time for training and development, MindEdge's Bite-size eLearning offers an engaging and practical solution.

In just twenty minutes, learners can strengthen and apply skills needed to successfully interact with their peers or effectively manage their staff. Provided to employees just in time, brief leadership and management scenarios create a compelling learning experience.

MindEdge's Bite-size eLearning can be used for self-paced training, in blended environments, or as a supplement for face-to-face instruction.

Bite-size scenarios that address key pain points allow learners to make a decision, experience the cause-and-effect of their decisions, receive video feedback from coaches or leadership experts on their decisions, and have their performance evaluated against key leadership success factors via an adaptive scorecard. A printable summary of best practices gives learners a takeaway reference tool when they complete the scenario.

Organizations can choose from a library of Bite-size eLearning or can have scenarios customized for specific industries or situations for a modest development fee.

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The Manager's Edge™

This scenario-based online training tool helps managers become more effective contributors to organizational success. Twenty core scenarios employ video and interactivity to illustrate the most common challenges faced by managers, including handling conflict, administering corporate policies, dealing with difficult employees, and leading a team.

The Manager's Edge™ asks the learner to evaluate a situation and then choose between competing responses. HR experts and management coaches share their perspectives on each decision through multimodal feedback.

For more information on The Manager's Edge™, please click here.

The Leader's Edge™

The Leader's Edge™, an online training tool from MindEdge, helps sharpen leadership skills through its unique narrative learning approach. The programs scenario-based format engages participants by asking them to think through common leadership challenges.

Scenarios focus attention on the issues leaders confront in the workplace, including leading through times of change, leading teams, handling conflict, and dealing with direct reports, peers, and superiors. HR experts and management coaches share their perspectives on each decision through multimodal feedback.

For more information on The Leader's Edge™, please click here.

Handling Difficult Employee Behavior

This learning resource helps managers develop strategies for coaching employees who are exhibiting troublesome or difficult behavior. Through instruction and case studies, managers learn how to respond to difficult behavior and see positive results—improvements in morale and increases in retention, productivity, and teamwork. Video scenarios illustrate behavior types so that managers can more easily apply the techniques to their current work environment. Tools and techniques for positive change are clear and well-defined and focus on dealing with the behavior (not the person).

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